Standing Strong Thru Covid 19

Standing strong thru covid-19

April 6, 2020

In a time where Covid 19 has halted many industries, Hotwatt is an essential supplier to multiple industries and we support both large and small original equipment manufacturers and users with both standard and custom elements.

We remain committed to doing our part! Recently the President of the United States spoke about a small company in Bath, Maine that is helping create testing equipment against the COVID 19 Coronavirus. Our employees rose to the challenge of creating specialized heating elements for the testing units and are committed to meet the urgent deadlines in the next coming weeks.

Backer Hotwatt has manufactured electric heating elements in the USA for almost 70 years. We are known for being a global leader of high quality and workmanship.

We have team members working both in-office and remote and are following guidelines offered by the CDC. Either way, we are ready to help answer your questions and serve your heating needs. Please reach out to us with your requirements so we can assist you to find the solution to your heating needs.
We serve a wide variety of industries with our standard and customer products such as cartridge heaters, air heaters, tubular heaters, band heaters, strip, and finned strip heaters, ceramic heaters, crankcase heaters, enclosure heaters, flexible heaters, process heaters, and tank heaters. These heaters are American made in Danvers, Massachusetts, and used in Medical/Pharma, Biotechnology, Instrumentation, Transportation & Aviation, Refrigeration/Air Conditioning, Military, Packaging, Commercial, Thermo molding and forming, and Personal protection equipment industries.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a renewed focus on our medical and healthcare system. Backer Hotwatt is proud to work alongside our medical and biotechnical industries to meet your heating needs. Our team is committed to manufacturing quality products for the needs of our medical industry. Our heating elements are used in blood, urine, and tissue analysis, ovens, incubators, water baths, hot plates, test tube heating, and cryogenics in labs, schools, and scientific equipment across the nation. We also have dry heat, disinfecting, and cleansing components that are used in the sanitization and sterilization of equipment and tools.

Backer Hotwatt is a major supplier for several processes used within medical devices and the medical supply industry. Cartridge heaters are used in ventilators and X-ray processing equipment. Plastic extruders make medical-grade plastic tubing for IV use and many other single-use items used throughout medical facilities.

In addition to the medical industry, we also serve the food industry by providing heating elements for warming plates, the petroleum industry by providing immersion heaters, cartridge heaters, and our energy industry by providing electric heating elements used in wind power equipment as moisture inhibitors and load resistors.

Have questions? We are here to help. Call us at (978) 777-0070 or email us at [email protected].

by Jim Gaines, Director of Sales/Marketing