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SunRod Miniature Cartridge Heaters

1/8 Inch and 4MM Diameters 3 - 240 Volt Operation Hundreds of Sizes In Stock

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Heaters As Short as 1/2"

short heater mini

Patented high-temperature design provides these advantages:

  • When energized, the patented split-sheath expands into contact with surrounding bore for maximum heat transfer, fast response.
  • When de-energized, the split-sheath contracts for easy, slide-out removal. Sunrods are guaranteed never to sieze in the bore.
  • Uninterruped hot zone and fully heated tip provides unmatched heat distribution without cold spots. (See upper photo).
  • Slender continuous leads simplify wire management. High flexibility allows free motion when heating "floating" components.
  • The result is a miniature cartridge heater offering longer life, uniform temperatures, and easy installation in the smallest devices.