Whatever your design or engineering challenge is, Backer Hotwatt has the expertise and broad technology base to develop a customized and dependable product for your unique needs. Whether you are heating air, fluids, gases, or other surfaces, our engineers can develop a solution that helps your application function most efficiently—giving you the competitive edge in your market.

When it comes to controlling the environment of your application, heat and temperature are crucial to consider from the beginning of the design phase. Selecting the right heating element allows you to ensure the level of safety, attain optimal performance, and improves the overall efficiency of the heater’s end use—and, of course, your product’s ultimate success.

Established in 1952, Backer Hotwatt, Inc. has been a trusted source of superior quality heating elements for OEMs in high reliability applications. The most important companies in the medical, industrial, commercial, aviation, transportation, refrigeration & air conditioning, and the military rely on Backer Hotwatt for our superior quality and dependability. The links below highlight some of the solutions that we developed for our customers in the following industries:

Precision Heating Solutions for Challenging Applications

Precision heating, tight tolerances, and extreme reliability are all characteristics that need to be designed into solutions for your critical applications. You can be assured that Backer Hotwatt engineers will work in close collaboration with your team to meet all performance, physical, and regulatory requirements to ensure a successful product launch and commercialization. Backer Hotwatt solves challenging problems with unique solutions that our competitors won’t or can’t provide. We’re here to help you design and manufacture the best heater for your demanding and precise needs. How can we help you with your next heating project? Contact an engineer today to set up an exploration consultation. We look forward to helping you soon.