Voltage Controlling Devices



Voltage Controlling Device

Model ACVC100-1 or -2
Surface Mount Power Control

The SR100 is a compact low cost power control designed for application requiring a variable source of AC or DC voltage.In many applications it is an economical replacement for variable autotransformers and rheostats.The SR100 is supplied complete with three wire line cord, fuse, outlet and switch mounted in a rugged steel enclosure. Output voltage is fully adjustable from zero to full line voltage with current ratings to 15 Amps. An internal voltage trim allows the SR100 to be used with a large variety of loads – resistive or inductive. The low current control option is offered for applications involving frequent On-Off operation.This feature greatly increases relay contact life even when switching heavy inductive loads.

Voltage Controlling Device Illustration 1
Voltage Controlling Device Illustration
  • Rugged steel enclosure
  • Light weight – portable
  • 50/60 HZ operation
  • Oversized semiconductors
  • Low current switching
  • Internal trim adjustment to suit application
  • 120 V unit complete with input cord set and output plug.
  • 240 V unit complete with input cord and three foot output cord.
How To Order

 Specify catalog number as follows: 120V-ACVC100-1 240V-ACVC100-2