Technical Information


  • Wattage Calculation Formulas and Examples
    • Problem 1: Basic Heating and Heat Loss
    • Problem 2: Paraffin Melting
  • Guide for Heat Losses
  • Properties of Liquids and Gases
  • Properties of Metals
  • Properties of Non-Metallic Solids
  • Suggested Sheath Materials
  • Suggested Watt Densities
  • Technical – Empirical Guideline for Cartridge Heater life


Mathematical Conversions


  • Areas, Volume and Conversion factors
  • Circumferences and Areas of Circles
  • Inches to Millimeter
  • Sheath Temperatures vs. Watt Density of Electric Heaters in Air and Temperature Conversions


Miscellaneous Information


  • Current Carrying Capacity of Straight Nickel/Ribbon Nickel Chromium Wire
  • Guide to High Temperature Wire and Cable
  • Installation Instructions
  • Ohms Law and Wiring Diagrams
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Sizes/American Standard Taper Pipe Threads
    • Thermal Systems
    • Wire Gauge Size Equivalents