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Baking, Drying, Laminating, Metal Working, Packaging, Plastic Welding, Preheating,Sealing, Soldering, Shrink Fitting, Synthetic Fabric Sewing.

  • The Air Process heater will provide hot air and gas up to 1000°F (540°C) with infinite control by varying the voltage and air velocity supplied. Units are fitted with a tubing “T” for convenient power lead outlet, while larger diameters can be supplied with post terminals on the sheath for direct electrical connections.
  • For easier installation, Backer Hotwatt can supply male or female NPT threaded fittings, hose adaptors, flanges, or custom fittings to your specifications.
  • Made in U.S.A.
Wattage Required Calculations
  • Determine the volume of air or gas (SCFM) you will be heating.
  • Determine temperature rise in degrees Fahrenheit (DeltaT in F)
  • Calculate wattage required as follows:
  • Take into consideration the physical size requirements of your application and determine from the specifications chart for each size, the air heater best suited for your application. High watt densities shown in the specifications charts are subject to factory approval due to resistance wire limitations.
  • For temperature control see section Temperature Sensing Control
Multiple Heat

Whenever it is necessary to have a single unit incorporate two or more different wattages, Backer Hotwatt will provide air heaters from 5/8″ diameter and up with multiple circuits. Some uses of these units include: quick heat-up, standby circuits for maintenance of low temperatures, providing different wattages when there is a wide variation in thermal loads, and replacing more expensive variable powerstats for wattage control.


Wattage tolerances are held to +5, -10% or better at the voltage specified.