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Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters

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Introducing SunRod Micro Cartridge Heaters!

Backer Hotwatt has recently aquired Sun Electric Heater allowing us to improve and expand our cartridge heater lineup. We now carry a split sheath cartridge heater known as SunRods. Sunrods offer uniform heat from beginning to end

Split Sheath Design

Sunrod split sheath micro cartridge heaters feature a unique new construction that eliminates the failure points of convential minature heaters. A continuous resistor is packed into the highest density insulation and welded to the heater connections. Lead wires exit through continuous insulation rating to 500 degrees F. 900 degrees F insulation also available.

Uniform Heating

Sunrods generate heat continously for the full length of the heater, unlike conventional cartridge heaters, which have cold spots along their length and cold sections at each end. Sunrod's even heat distribution means more uniform temperatures for your process.

Unique Hot Tip

Sunrods feature a unique hot tip, allowing reach into every place in your process that needs heat.

Unique Expansion

When energized, the action of SunRod's split sheath design forces its opposing legs to expand into contact with the surrounding bore for maximum heat transfer. The result is lower operating temperature and up to five times longer life!

Slide-Out Removal

When de-engergized, SunRod elements contract, breaking contact with the bore for slide out removal. SunRods are guaranteed never to seize!

Lengths from 1/2 to 8 inches

Now you can add heat whenever you needit! Just drill a small bore to the spot needing heat and slide in a Hot Tip SunRod.

We are pretty excited about our new product and want you to be also. We invite you to complete the form below and tell us about your application.