Band Heaters


BAND HEATER special features

Clamping and Post Type Terminal Options for Band Heaters


SF1A: Flexible leads with spring protector. Standard lead length is 6″. Longer lengths are available.

SF1A Drawing


SF1B: Construction (similar to SF1A above) employs one leadwire on each side of gap. Same spring dimensions apply.


SF12: Male dead front armored plug. May be supplied on units with leads and conduit. Ground wire (SF6) should be specified when using any three prong plug. Specify conduit length and plug required as follows:


NEMA 1-15 Outlet Drawing



NEMA L1-15 Outlet Drawing



NEMA L6-15 Outlet Drawing



NEMA L6-20 Outlet Drawing



NEMA5-15 Outlet Drawing



SF12-P1: 2 prong/straight blade/2 pole/2 Wire/UL&CSA Listed/
NEMA 1-15P/125 volts/15 amps.





SF12-P2: 2 prong/twist lock/2 pole/2 wire/UL Listed/
NEMA L1-15P/125 volts/15 amps.






SF12-P3: 3 prong/twist lock/2 pole/3 wire/UL&CSA Listed/
NEMA L6-15P/250 volts/15 amps.






SF12-P4: 3 prong/twist lock/2 pole/3 wire/UL&CSA Listed/
NEMA L6-20P/250 volts/20 amps.






SF12-P5: 3 prong/straight blade/2 pole/3 wire/UL&CSA Listed/
NEMA 5-15P/125 volts/15 amps.



SF14: Flexible conduit for straight leads.


SF14 Drawing


SF15A: Flexible conduit for right angle leads in line with heater.


SF15A Drawing


SF15B: Flexible conduit for right angle leads, at 90° to heater.


SF15B Drawing


SF16A: Stainless steel, flexible braid for straight leads. Specify braid length. Leads are supplied 6″ longer than braid.


SF16A Drawing


SF16B: Stainless steel, flexible braid for individual leads out from edge of heater.


SF16B Drawing


SF29: Multiple heat; when a single unit with multiple wattages is necessary. Some uses of these units include: quick heat-up with a standby circuit for maintenance of low temperature; providing different wattages when there is a wide variation in thermal loads; and replacing more expensive rheostats or powerstats for wattage control.


SF37: Stainless steel sheath


XS79: 2 piece construction through 11 1/2″ I.D.


XS79-1: Two piece construction. Over 11 1/2″ I.D. to 22 1/2″ I.D.


XS79-2: Three piece construction. Over 22 1/2″ I.D. to 36″ I.D.


XS79-3: Four piece construction. Over 36″ I.D. to 48″ I.D.



Standard voltages are either 120V or 240V. Other voltages are available.



Inside diameters are based upon outside diameter of area being heated.


Width Dimensions:


Gap Dimensions:

1″ to 6″ dia. – 5/16″ nom.
6″ to 11 1/2″ dia. – 3/8″ nom.
11 1/2″ to 23″ dia. – 3/8″ nom.


Wattage tolerance is +5%, -10% at voltage specified.


 How to Order

Specify: catalog number prefix “MB” followed by inside diameter, width, wattage, voltage, termination type, and special feature options if required. On multiple piece construction (XS79-1, -2, or -3) specify total rating as well as rating per section (i.e. 500W-240V total 250W-120V per section)


Example: MB1.75-4.25/300W/120V/SF15A-14/36.


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