Air Process Heaters



Alternate Style Air Process Heater
air process alternate style
air process standard tee
air process maximum flow
air process pure flow
air process heavy duty
air process temperature sensing
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Alternate Style – 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ diameter
alternate style
  1. Optional brass bushing. (Cold Air Entry)
  2. Post terminals.
  3. Mica insulation.
  4. Resistance element.
  5. Ceramic coil support.
  6. Stainless steel sheath.
  7. Optional bushing.
  • Low pressure applications.
  • Post type terminals.
  • Specify ‘SF3’ for alternate style.
Optional Fittings

Baking, Drying, Laminating, Metal Working, Packaging, Plastic Welding, Preheating,Sealing, Soldering, Shrink Fitting, Synthetic Fabric Sewing.

HF:Hose adaptor(entry only)

Hose adaptor

MF: Male fittings

male fitting

FF: Female fittings

female fitting
How to Order

After determining the wattage required for application, select heater based upon physical space available, maximum SCFM, temperature, and pressure.

Tee Type Air Heaters are supplied with 6″ (SF2) leads, all other models with Post (SF3) terminals. Longer leads are available upon request. Specify length required if other than standard. Review Stock List for In-Stock Air Process Heater items.

Specify: Catalog number, wattage, voltage, and special features if required. Be sure to specify optional fitting number as suffix to base catalog number.

Example: AH505-MF/300W/120V/SF2-36.
Special Features available.