Miscellaneous Heaters


Serpentine Air Heater Replacement cartridge

Replacement elements for existing chambers & housings.

Replacement Serpentine Air Heater Cartridge


Heating and curing adhesives, windshield bonding, and metal processing.



Sterilization of medical equipment, IV warming, temperature regulation.




Remove components from circuit boards, heating, soldering & desoldering.


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Finishing paper products, sealing cartons, and aseptic.



Removal of mold, flash, plastic forming, preheating, & plastic welding.

Contruction / Specifications
  • Highest quality stainless steel and ceramic components for reliability
  • Ruggedized construction for long service life
  • Air temperature controllable to 1500°F (815°C)
  • Up to 6 KW UL (pending approval) heating elements
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • RoHS/CE compliant
  • Replaceable element design
  • Designed to fit existing triple pass air heaters available on the current market.
Performance / Selection
  • Determine the volume of air or inert gas (SCFM) you will be heating
  • Determine the temperature rise in degrees Fahrenheit (ΔT°F)
  • Calculate wattage required as follows:

Wattage Formula
Element to 3.6kW (.63” Diameter)

Element to 3.6kw
.63 heater chart
Element to 6kW (1.25” Diameter)

1.25 replacement serpentine heater
1.25 replacement info chart

Backer Hotwatt carries a complete line of air heating solutions with temperature up to

1500°F. We meet the heating needs for a variety of industries including manufacturing,

medical, baking, drying, packaging, plastics, and electronics.

For more information on our heating products, ask your representative or distributor

about Hotwatt’s full line of air heating solutions.